Advanced Coding System (ACS)

The RevCycle+ Advanced Coding System (ACS) is a web-based platform that seamlessly interfaces with client systems to optimize revenue cycle needs.  ACS allows your organization to achieve greater compliance with CMS guidelines, increase charge capture accuracy and reduce chart turnaround time.

ACS Foundation:  Sophisticated Software

At the core of ACS is sophisticated software which includes a built-in pre-bill auditing functionality, infusion and injection calculator and a customizable charge master with NCCI edits. It’s equipped with a diagnosis encoder, which is integrated with industry standards and guidelines, and an observation hours calculator with procedure carve out capabilities.

Innovative Workflow Solutions

ACS offers innovative workflow solutions including customizable service modules, streamlined work queues, real-time chart status, production monitoring and management and smart sorting for coding and auditing.

Customizable service modules are available for:

  • Facility
  • Professional
  • MIPS Reporting
  • Diagnosis
  • Infusions and Injections
  • Observation
  • Denial Management/Payment Integrity

Reporting: Power Analytics

ACS Reporting is powered by analytics that are interactive, visually immersive and combined through large amounts of data that lead to actionable insights. With ACS Reporting, customers can drill down data with the click of a mouse, visualize data with context and insights, and easily define problem areas through connection of data across multiple perimeters.

Denial Management and Payment Integrity 

Our Denial Management and Payment Integrity solution in ACS further enhances the technology making it an all-encompassing platform for all Outpatient and Inpatient coding and charge capture services.