Advanced Coding System (ACS)

The RevCycle+ Advanced Coding System (ACS) is a web-based platform that seamlessly interfaces with client systems to optimize revenue cycle needs.  ACS allows your organization to achieve: 

  • Greater Compliance with CMS Guidelines
  • Increased Charge Capture Accuracy 
  • Reduction in Chart Turnaround Time
  • Substantially increase defensible net revenue

ACS Foundation:  Sophisticated Software

  • Built in Pre-bill Auditing Functionality
  • Infusion and injection calculator for precisely charging complex therapies including chemotherapy
  • Customizable Charge Master with National Correct Coding Initiative (NCCI) Edits built in
  • Diagnosis Encoder integrated with industry standards and guidelines
  • Observation calculator with procedure carve out capabilities

ACS Innovative Workflow Solutions

  • Customizable Service Modules 
    • Facility, Professional, Diagnosis, Infusions and Injections, Observation, Denial Management, MIPs
  • Streamlined Work Queues
    • Work in Progress, Custom Pending Dashboard, Auditing
  • Real Time Chart Status
  • Production Monitoring and Management
  • Full-Service Module
  • Software as a Service Module (Saas)

ACS Reporting: Analytic Insights

  • Interactive
  • Visually Immersive
  • Combining Large Amounts of Data into Actionable Insights

Denial Management and Payment Integrity 

  • Our Denial Management and Payment Integrity solution in ACS further enhances the technology making it an all-encompassing platform for all Outpatient and Inpatient coding and charge capture services.